1. Start by navigating to the Products page.

2.  Click on the Product that you wish to edit / add additional documents to.

3.  On the Product Page screen click on the File Manager icon. 

4.  Select the desired files you want to upload and click Insert.  

 5. You've succesfully added a document to your product! :)

  1. Navigate to Pages in Site Builder menu. 

2. Click Edit on the desired page you wish to add documents to.

3. Click on the File Manager icon to add documents to your Page.

4. Select the desired documents (one or more) you wish to upload and click insert.

  1. To add links to your Header or Footer navigate to Header & Footer links in Site builder. 

2.  Click on ADD LINK button to add a new link to your footer menu.

3. Enter the desired title --> Choose what type of link is it (Item, Page, URL) and then choose the correct Item / Page / URL that you want to link.

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