To create text between individual pieces of content, click on the PLUS button to open the element chooser.

Select the TEXT element.

Then select the following:

  • Content: enter the text. Attention! If you copy the text, paste it by right-clicking the mouse (Paste as plain text).

  • Set box width: you select the desired width of the page that the text will occupy.

  • Horizontal position: Center (central alignment) / Left (left alignment) / Right (right alignment)

Option to edit the text:

  • Undo / Redo

  • Bold / Italic / Strikethrough

  • Alignment (text alignment): left / center / right / both sides

  • Line height (space between lines)

  • Paragraph format

  • Font size

  • Text color

  • Background color (text background color)

  • Clear formatting

  • Decrease / Increase indent

  • Ordered / Unordered list (numbered / unnumbered list)

  • Link

  • Image

  • Table (table)

  • Subscript / Superscript

  • quote

  • Special characters

  • Emoticons

  • Background mode (background mode for easier editing of bright texts)

  • Fullscreen (full screen mode)

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