To create an image to be "pinned" in .webp / .png / .jpeg / .jpg format, click on the PLUS button to open the widget selector.

Select the IMAGE WITH PINS widget.

Select the desired settings:


  • Image: Upload the desired image

  • Width: Select the desired image width

    • Wrap: The width of the page content

    • Full width: the entire width of the screen

  • Flip image horizontal: if you want the image to flip left/right, turn on this option

  • Image black-white: you select whether you want an image in black and white combination

  • Pin #1:

    • Include the desired "pin"

      • Specify the X and Y coordinates for the position in the picture

      • The values ​​are determined in percentage (%) according to the position in the picture

    • Pin link: Specify whether you want to link the "pin" to:

      • URL link

      • A specific page within your store

      • Specific product

    • Show text:

      • Content #1: You enter the content of the "pin"

      • Pop up content position: you choose from which page the pop-up window with content is opened/displayed

  • Style:

    • Animate pins: Add animation to your pins

    • Circle color: set the background color with "pins".

    • Dot color: determine the color with "pins".

    • PopUp text style: You choose the way "pins" will be displayed

      • With arrow: When you move the mouse over the "pin" the entered text appears in a bubble with an arrow on the "pin".

      • Visible: Texts entered on "pins" are always displayed

      • Single line: When you move the mouse over a "pin" the typed text appears in a bubble with the captured "pin"

      • PopUp text Border Radius: setting the border of the speech bubble that appears (the larger the entered value, the more rounded the edges are)

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